Person holding coffee cup for coffee decanter

11 Best Coffee Decanters [Benefits of Decanting Coffee]

Either you’re here because you thought decanting was just for wine and we’ve piqued your curiosity or … You already know the benefits of transferring freshly brewed coffee over to a decanter and you’re in the market for one. Whatever brought you to our caffeine corner here — welcome! If you are wondering what a […]


Coffee Brewing Methods: The Complete Comparison

Coffee brewing is nothing if not an art form. You may remember your parents or grandparents brewing coffee at home in a silver percolator on the stove. Or even buying your first electric coffee maker. You couldn’t help but enjoy the convenience of scooping the coffee in, pushing the ‘brew’ button, and letting it create […]


Top 13 Coffee Pod Holders

With the rise of home coffee brewers that use coffee pods comes a unique new storage “problem.” Essentially, you need a coffee pod holder solution. That is to say: How does one store coffee pods? You certainly don’t want to clutter the kitchen counter with those big boxes the coffee pods come in. The solution […]

turkish coffee maker

How to Use a Turkish Coffee Maker

If caffeine gets you going, sourcing new beans get you hyped, and trying new brew methods is your passion … We have great news. You’re going to love learning how to use a Turkish coffee maker. Ever heard of one? Whether you’ve tried Turkish coffee in a middle-eastern restaurant or this concept is brand new […]


How to Make Nitro Cold Brew at Home

Sweet summertime. With the longer, hotter days comes the need for bigger, colder beverages. (No shade if you’re still on team hot coffee during the warmer seasons!) For the rest of us cold coffee lovers, though? How about nitro cold brew at home? We celebrate the return of one of our favorite indulgences — the […]


How to Choose a Coffee Jar for Freshness and Looks

Maybe you’ve signed up for a rad coffee subscription that delivers freshly-roasted coffee beans to you on a bi-weekly basis. Or you pick up a bag from your favorite local coffee shop whenever supplies are running low. Did you realize that you need a coffee jar too? Yet, how you store your coffee beans once […]


11 Best Coffee Urns for Events and Meetings

We might be biased, but we say it’s plenty of delicious beverages! (I mean … and maybe a few boxes of doughnuts, too.) Make your meetings the most popular by establishing a reputation for keeping everyone’s mug full of piping hot java. How? With a bit of help from the best coffee urns, of course! […]


Our 9 Favorite Coffee Mug Trees

Q: What’s a coffee lover’s favorite type of tree? A: Why, a coffee mug tree, of course! A what now? Do you know those metal wire rack holders that people use for necklaces? It’s like that … but for teacups and coffee mugs! There are many different colors and styles available, from stoneware to satin […]

best coffee vending machines

5 Things to Know About Coffee Vending Machines

In this fast-paced world, coffee on demand is now becoming non-negotiable. So if an essential part of your business model includes keeping people moving, caffeine accessibility is vital. Enter ol’ reliable — coffee vending machines. These hot beverage vending machines do more than just hot coffee. They often offer hot chocolate and specialty coffees like […]