Coffee Brewing Methods: The Complete Comparison

Coffee brewing is nothing if not an art form. You may remember your parents or grandparents brewing coffee at home in a silver percolator on the stove. Or even buying your first electric coffee maker. You couldn’t help but enjoy the convenience of scooping the coffee in, pushing the ‘brew’ button, and letting it create […]


Top 13 Coffee Pod Holders

With the rise of home coffee brewers that use coffee pods comes a unique new storage “problem.” Essentially, you need a coffee pod holder solution. That is to say: How does one store coffee pods? You certainly don’t want to clutter the kitchen counter with those big boxes the coffee pods come in. The solution […]


Our 9 Favorite Coffee Mug Trees

Q: What’s a coffee lover’s favorite type of tree? A: Why, a coffee mug tree, of course! A what now? Do you know those metal wire rack holders that people use for necklaces? It’s like that … but for teacups and coffee mugs! There are many different colors and styles available, from stoneware to satin […]