The 7 Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Makers of 2023

Temperature control. Burr grinder. Bloom time. Do these words mean anything to you? If you answered “yes,” then you’re probably all about that home brewer life!. And your favorite brewing method to play barista with? Why the manual pour-over, of course! And this makes total sense to us; the pour-over brewing process makes for a […]

slow drip cold brew in a mason jar with ice and cream

Seven of the Best Slow Drip Coffee Makers

In a world where people want things, and they want them fast (Hi, Prime shipping, we love you), it’s now becoming a comfort to seek out rituals that inspire us to slow back down. Enter: slow drip coffee makers. Slow drip coffee is a style of cold brew coffee popularized in Japan (after the Dutch […]

Best coffee scale for coffee lovers

The 7 Best Coffee Scales on the Market

If you’ve been scoping out our brew guides, you’ll see we often recommend using a digital scale to get your coffee brewing recipes just right. Perhaps you’ve been using a standard food scale, and that’s been working out alright. But did you know there are kitchen scales designed with coffee in mind? The best coffee […]


Under Cabinet Coffee Makers Exist! Which One Should You Get?

Have you ever seen an under counter coffee maker? They’re not a new concept. Some have been around so long they’re vintage now! They come in a few varieties, some from major brands you’re sure to recognize. But, others may surprise you (looking at you, mountable coffee makers!). And, don’t worry, we’ll cover which type […]

pour over coffee maker

Product Review of the Best Automatic Pour Overs

After you’ve learned the art of pour-over coffee, it’s hard to go back to a drip coffee machine. Pour-over gives you control over so many factors resulting in a better cup of coffee every time. Yet, this process to brew coffee isn’t always the most ideal for busy mornings. What if you could speed things […]

home espresso maker device

Product Review: The Best Espresso Machines With a Grinder

Ready to graduate from “ol’ reliable,” aka the automatic drip coffee machine? Looking to join the honorable ranks of home baristas who pull their own shots of espresso at home? We’ll cheers with our demitasse cups to that! Before you can start indulging in those creamy cappuccinos, you’ll need the right equipment for this new […]