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Archipelago Coffee [+ Our Curated Review of the Rindo Blend]

The manufacturers focus on top-quality products using organically sourced beans, never touched by artificial fertilizers or pesticides. Because of their high standards, the coffee created in Sweden’s archipelago is in high demand, reducing the number of imported brands in the country.

Cost: $$
5/5 Beans
Pros: Cleanly sourced ingredients
Cons: Ships from Sweden (1-3 weeks to get to U.S.)
Final Thoughts: A distinctive, original brew without any flaws. Ideal for any coffee lover who prefers their drink to have a soft, natural sweetness!
Swedish flag over water

When you started your coffee journey, you quickly learned that not all brands and flavors were created equal. But you might not have realized why you prefer certain types, like Archipelago coffee, over others.

Coffee “beans” come in two main species: Arabica and Robusta. Within those two categories lies a vast expanse of heavenly fragrances and flavors that vary based on where the plant grows.

Archipelago coffee comes from countries such as Indonesia, Colombia, and Ethiopia. Archipelagos are small islands clustered in a specific area nestled alongside one another. Because of their closeness, they tend to have similar flora and fauna attributed to them.

While countries like Sumatra and Malay produce popular archipelago coffee sourced from the Indonesian islands, today we’re taking a virtual trip to the islands of Stockholm. Sweden’s roasters produce high-quality beans — particularly the Rindö blend we’ll review below — making them stand out.

What Makes Sweden’s Archipelago Coffee Unique?

A visit to Sweden isn’t complete without a tour of the Stockholms Skärgård, the collection of land famous for its culinary sensations. From locally sourced produce to specialty coffees, there’s truly something unique going on in Stockholm City.

As visitors stop by one of the many cafes or restaurants to enjoy the traditional cheese or ice cream, they enhance their meals with the archipelago’s world-renowned coffee.

But you don’t have to take a plane trip to Sweden to explore its Archipelago Coffee brand. We’ve done the legwork for you here.

How Stockholm’s Coffee is Different From Others

Sweden is known for its clean eating and living. Whether you’re a visitor or a resident, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the country’s focus on healthy, organic, and sustainable innovations. This extends to its coffee production, and the results are evident in its flavors, like the Rindö blend.

The Unique Flavor Characteristics of the Archipelago Blend

Stockholm’s archipelago uses high volumes of imported organic Arabica coffee — with the occasional Robusta brand mixed in.

This mass production may sound unusual for such a small city. As it turns out…

Sweden, Denmark, and Norway combine to make some of the highest per-capita consumption rates of coffee globally!

The country’s consumption is on par with larger populations like the French and English. It even competes with the Germans’ love for the rich brew — a love that places Germany as the third-largest coffee market in the world.

The manufacturers focus on top-quality products using organically sourced beans, never touched by artificial fertilizers or pesticides. Because of their high standards, the coffee created in Sweden’s archipelago is in high demand, reducing the number of imported brands in the country.

What’s the big deal about this kind of “kaffe*” anyway?

Those in Sweden and fans around the globe love Archipelago Coffee because it’s known for its consistency in essential factors, like:

  • An intense aroma
  • Various taste profiles to please the discerning palate
  • Cleanly-sourced ingredients
  • High-quality coffee made with care
  • Pure-grade ingredients

Finding a coffee brand that provides these five crucial elements of coffee at an affordable price can be challenging. When we found the trifecta — quality, affordability, and taste — in Sweden’s Archipelago Coffee, we jumped at the chance to review it.

*The Swedish word for coffee.

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Our Review of the Rindö Blend

Image shows a bag (ripped open at top) of Archipelago Coffee's Rindo Blend.

An island in the heart of the Stockholm archipelago, Rindö is famous for its scenery and wartime history. The small area is accessible by a yellow road ferry, and bicycles replace cars. This easygoing lifestyle continues in the roastery, where the coffee beans are freshly roasted by hand.

Locally referred to as Rindörost, the finished Rindö product is 100% Arabica coffee with beans sourced solely from organic farms. These coffee beans grow and mature without artificial fertilizers or chemical pesticides.

At first glance, the cup of Rindö coffee we’re evaluating has the expected lighter brown shade typical of most medium roast brews. The intense aroma hits first, providing an excellent, subtle hint of gently sweet caramel and a nutty fragrance.

Archipelago Coffee's Rindo Blend coffee beans in palm of hand.

The first sip provides an instant taste of a freshly acidic brew, perking the taste buds up with a sweet, vibrant dimension. The mouthfeel of this sip is silky, not too heavy but not overly light, sliding over the palate with a satisfying weight.

The overlying flavor mimics the fragrance: sweetly nutty with balanced nuances of caramel. These sensations linger on the tongue with a soft finish after the last swallow.

Ahhh, now we understand the hype and can give our overall opinion of the Rindö coffee blend. In short, it’s a distinctive, original brew without any flaws, ideal for any coffee lover who prefers their drink to have a soft, natural sweetness.

What Products Are in the Archipelago Collection?

Image shows two different arms raised to clink mugs of hot coffee somewhere outside with mountains.

The high-quality finished products of the Archipelago Collection extend beyond the Rindö coffee blend. If nutty caramel flavors aren’t your thing, but you want to experience the famous Archipelago beans, you have plenty of other options.

Within the Archipelago Collection are a diverse variety of blends ideal for every taste, from light to dark roast (or rust, in Swedish-speak), including:


Ljusterӧ translates to “Light Island.” This light-roasted Arabica coffee is a balanced blend of fruity nuances, notes of citrus and berries, and a hint of milk chocolate to finish it off.


This Arabica bean blend translates to “Morning Rust,” offering a soft, smooth berry flavor finished with sweet citrus.

Ornö ​​

This “Middle Dark Rust” brewed coffee is ideal for those who like their Arabica beans stronger with soft floral and fruity notes. The Ornö provides a balanced berry flavor with hints of black currant, ginger, and cocoa.


Similar to Ornö, this is also a “Middle Dark Rust” coffee with notes of berry, ginger, black currant, and cocoa.


Värmdö is an area famous for its coffee and cheese (two of our favorite things!). While you’ll need to visit the island to get a taste of the freshest dairy delights, you can order the medium-dark brewed coffee. Enjoy the round flavors of cocoa and nuts at home via these Arabica beans from Brazil and Guatemala.


Mӧrkӧ is the ideal go-to if you love musty, strong scents of forest berries flavored with dark chocolate.


A treat for espresso enthusiasts, the Lighthouse is a creamy, Italian-style blend of 20% Robusta and 80% Arabica beans. The chocolate, nuts, and sweet fruit create a tasty sensation for every espresso lover.

Campfire Coffee 

This dark-roasted coffee is ground with the intention of using it in nature. Strong, coarse, and flavorful, it’s the ideal brew to enjoy around the campfire.

Evening Dip 

If you’re looking for coffee you can safely indulge in later in the day without interfering with your sleep, the Evening Dip is for you. This medium-bodied coffee uses the Swiss Water Decaf Process. If you’re unfamiliar, this process removes caffeine using a chemical-free heat, water, and time method.

And if you can’t decide which brew to try, order a tasting box. You can sample six flavors in 100g bags — ground or whole beans.

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Where Can You Buy Archipelago Products Online?

Cheaper than a plane ticket, you can buy Stockholm’s Archipelago Coffee online and have it delivered fast and fresh to your door. When you order from Archipelago Coffee or Muttley & Jack’s Coffee Roasters, you can expect to pay around $11 per bag (plus shipping).


Whether you already have a favorite brand and flavor of coffee or you’re on the hunt for a new one, the brews featured here are some of the best in the world.

Top-quality beans, sustainable practices, and a blend of rich, aromatic flavors create the signature finished effects of Archipelago Coffee. Try them yourself, and let us know what you think!

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